Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (2023)

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Getting your hair to be soft and luxurious is often only half the battle. If you want your hair to truly stand out, you will also need to dye it.

But most hair dyes in the market are loaded with toxic chemicals. While they make you look a lot more attractive in the short term, they do a lot more harm than good in the long run.

Luckily, several natural and organic hair dyes are available in the market that color your hair without damaging it.

But which of them are truly healthy? And which of the hair dyes are toxic, loaded with a cocktail of chemicals claiming to be natural and harmless?

Taking a closer look at the claims that cosmetic brands make is the first order of business.

“Organic” and “Natural” Hair Color Doesn’t Exist — Here’s How to Shop for the Safest Dye (Non-Toxic)

In recent years, the beauty industry has seen an exponential rise in demand for natural and organic products. And it’s not hard to see why – consumers feel that products made from natural ingredients are inherently safer than those containing chemicals.

However, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration states otherwise. The FDA clarifies that an ingredient’s source does not determine its safety, and many plants have toxic and allergenic components though they’re grown organically.

But here’s the big question – are all the dyes on the market implicitly toxic?

The fact of the matter is, most hair dyes available commercially are toxic and can cause cancer.

You may be wondering why the FDA allows brands to make false claims – and the answer is simple. The FDA regulates cosmetics via the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, neither of which define what “organic” means.

This allows brands to throw around the term “organic” freely and essentially dupe consumers.

But there are two alternatives to these toxic dyes that are truly safe to use – henna and Indigo.

The plants have been used for generations in several parts of the world as a remedy for weak hair and also as a hair dye. Henna is the only natural hair dye that has been proven scientifically safe to use.

So, if you’re in the market for a non-toxic dye, your only real choices are henna- and Indigo-based products. However, there are non-toxic dyes out there that do not use the harmful chemicals that cause cancer.

But sifting through the several options to find the best ones can take hours.

Plus, if you don’t know what you should be looking for in a dye, there’s a chance that you’ll end up wasting hard-earned money.

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Before getting into our proven non-toxic hair dye recommendations, here is a brief list of features you must consider when buying natural hair dye.

6 Features to Consider in a Non-Toxic Hair Dye


Some companies incorporate harmful chemicals in their hair dye’s formula, putting the user at risk of breast and bladder cancer. It’s also not too difficult to find studies that link the use of toxic hair dyes to leukemia.

When looking for organic hair color, make sure that the ingredient list does not include the following harmful chemicals:

  • 1-Naphthol
  • Aminophenol
  • Ammonia
  • Ethanolamines (MEA, TEA, DEA)
  • Lead Acetate (in “progressive” hair dye)
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone
  • P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) – most dangerous chemical
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Quats
  • Resorcinol
  • Toluene, Toluene-2,5-Diamine, and 4-Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene
  • Fragrance with Phthalates


There’s nothing worse than getting a hair dye in the wrong color. If a hair dye isn’t available in the color you need, it’s virtually useless.

But you don’t have much to worry about – the recommendations in our list below are available in several color options. Finding the right dye for your hair should be a breeze.

Color Retention

Not every safe hair dye in the market will keep your hair looking gorgeous for over a month. The color retention of a dye varies from brand to brand, and the quality of ingredients used also has a big say in a dye’s color retention properties.

However, generally speaking, more expensive non-toxic hair dyes tend to have better color retention than the pocket-friendly options.

Dye Type

In addition to the color, you will also need to consider what type of organic hair dye you want to apply to your hair. Learning about the three types of hair dyes before sifting through the available options is the easiest way to ensure you make the right choice.

Temporary Hair Color

Temporary organic hair colors are those that wash off the hair in a single shampoo. For this reason, temporary hair color is also sometimes called “washoff.”

Washoffs are the right hair dye type to go for if you like changing your hair color frequently.

However, it’s important to note that the continued application of temporary hair color can cause your hair to look stained.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Unlike temporary hair color, semi-permanent hair color doesn’t wash off in one shampoo. The color will start to fade away from the fourth wash, and by the tenth wash, the color will almost entirely disappear from your hair.

Semi-permanent hair colors are perfect for temporary root touch-ups and can revamp dull hair by adding gloss and shine to it.

Permanent Hair Color

Most non-toxic hair dyes in the market are of the permanent kind. These are the best non-toxic hair dyes to use if you want to stick to a color for a while.

Permanent hair dyes aren’t “permanent” in the sense of the word. The color will start to fade over time, but you won’t notice any discoloration for at least four weeks.


It’s a well-established fact that toxic hair dyes can harm your health. However, did you know that the same hair dyes also cause significant harm to the environment?

The United States Environment Protection Agency identified personal care products – including most hair dyes – to be one of the leading causes of harm to aquatic life.

According to the organization’s studies, toxic hair dyes cause an increase in the groundwater’s PCCP levels, which impacts the endocrine systems of fish. The fish’s poisoning affects the fauna that consumes the fish and the humans that eat the fish.

Getting henna- or Indigo-based non-toxic hair dye is the best way to ensure that you don’t cause harm to yourself or your environment.


Most companies that manufacture hair dyes, fortunately, do not test the products on animals.

Another uplifting fact about the cosmetic industry in its entirety is that an increasing number of products are fully vegan – that is, they do not contain any animal ingredients.

But every industry has its share of bad apples. If you’re buying a product from a relatively new company or from a company that you haven’t heard of before, make sure you do your due diligence and ensure that the brand isn’t cruel to animals.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top 15 Picks

#1 Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

The Naturtint 6-pack comes with enough hair dye to keep your hair colored for six months straight. But the best part about it isn’t its non-toxic nature, but its excellent pricing.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (1)

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 5N Light Chestnut Brown (Pack of 6), Ammonia...

  • BETTER INGREDIENTS, Better Color, Better You!
  • FREE FROM Ammonia, Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Resorcinol, Heavy Metals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Despite its affordable pricing, Naturtint manages to keep the dye free from harmful chemicals. It is free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, and a handful of other chemicals that can damage your health.

The company enriches the non-toxic hair dye with ingredients derived from olives and meadowfoam seed oil, which help improve your hair’s health.

Naturtint promises up to 100% grey coverage, also assures consumers that their product is vegan and cruelty-free.

A team of color specialists is always on standby to help customers find the right product. But the most impressive thing about the Naturtint permanent hair color is that it comes in 32 different colors.


  • Excellent pricing
  • Well over two dozen color options
  • One box dyes shoulder length hair
  • Team of specialists always ready to help
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Some colors look brassy on grey hair

#2 The Henna Guys – 100% Pure Henna Hair Dye

Finding a 100% safe and healthy hair dye can be very challenging. However, if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, the 100% Pure Henna Powder by The Henna Guys is perfect for you.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (2)

300 Grams - 100% Pure Henna Powder For Hair Dye - Red Henna Hair Color,...

  • The Henna Guys 100% Natural, Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan
  • Zero Chemicals, Zero Metallic Salts, Plant based hair dye

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It’s free from chemicals and metallic salts and contains no harmful additives, making it an excellent option for the health-conscious.

The powder is 100% natural, raw, and vegan, and the company does not test its products on animals.

If you’ve never used henna-based dye before, though, you must be careful since different blends color your hair in different shades. This particular powder will color hair red and won’t work as well on dark hair.

It also takes longer to dye your hair, and you will need to wait for up to four hours for the dye to work its magic.

But the good news is, the dye can provide up to 100% hair coverage and is extremely easy to apply, making it the perfect option for those on the lookout for a genuinely safe hair dye.


  • 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free
  • Colors hair a vibrant red
  • Up to 100% hair coverage
  • Easy-to-apply paste


  • Takes longer to color the hair

#3 Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder

After learning about the harm that hair dyes can cause, it can be challenging to sift through dozens of products, knowing most of them are dangerous.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (3)

Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder, 100 Gram

  • 100% chemical free all natural herbal henna
  • The only ingredient is 100% pure henna leaves

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

But what better way to be assured of your safety than using a pure henna dye sourced from India?

The Hannah Natural pure henna powder is free from all harmful chemicals and is made from all-natural ingredients.

The only component of the power is henna leaves – no other ingredient is added, making it one of the safest and best non-toxic hair dyes available.

But perhaps what makes the product more impressive is that pure henna doubles as an excellent hair conditioner. Your hair will be a lot softer after dyeing.

Each box of Hannah Natural comes with two 50g packs of powder, gloves for application, and a shower cap.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and, most importantly, safe, making it an excellent organic hair color.


  • 100% chemical-free
  • Only pure henna leaves used – no other ingredient
  • Doubles as a hair conditioner
  • Comes with gloves and shower cap
  • Product of India


  • Can only color hair red

#4 Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color

If you don’t mind spending a little extra for a better quality product, you won’t regret getting your hands on the Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color.


Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (4)

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color, 4.0 Intense Espresso

  • GENTLE ON SCALP: Simply Color's caring formula is dermatologist tested to be non-irritating to the...
  • NATURAL COLOR RESULTS: Enjoy beautiful, vibrant color results that are even from root to tip

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It does not include ammonia, alcohol, PPD, PTD, or other toxic chemicals, making it one of the best non-toxic hair dyes money can buy.

The formula has been tested and approved by dermatologists, leaving you no reason to be concerned about your health.

Schwarzkopf’s Simply Color range includes hair dyes in several different colors, so finding the right product should be easy.

The color lasts for weeks on end, and it’s easy to get 100% grey coverage with the dye. However, if your hair is longer than shoulder length, you will need to use two boxes of the dye.

On the plus side, though, it’s a proven safe product, and the recyclable carton is a nice touch. If you want to color your hair worry-free, the Schwarzkopf Simply Color hair dye is the right dye to get your hands on.


  • Available in several colors
  • No ammonia, PPD, or other harmful chemicals
  • Recyclable carton
  • Dermatologist tested product
  • Easy to get 100% grey coverage


  • Slightly more expensive than other options

#5 Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Safe semi-permanent hair dyes that don’t compromise on quality and safety are hard to come by.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (5)

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz,...

  • Raven wings, stormy night skies, and hair as black as your heart - Transylvania is the perfect fit...
  • #AFProTip: Try adding a drop or two of Transylvania to our Arctic Mist diluter to get a beautiful...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Arctic Fox’s semi-permanent hair dye is made without the use of animal by-products. It also does not contain harmful chemicals – it has no PPD, alcohol, peroxide, ammonia, or ethyl alcohol. Hair damage is out of the question.

Arctic Fox hair dyes are available in over 12 different colors, making it one of the most diverse options on this list.

But what’s more impressive is that the company also supplies a diluter, allowing you to control precisely what shade your hair will be.

The gentle formula conditions your hair, restoring vibrancy every time it’s applied.

But the best thing about the dye is that it smears less and lasts longer than other semi-permanent dyes, making it one of the best non-toxic hair dyes you can get your hands on.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Over 12 different colors available
  • Conditions and restores vibrancy
  • Does not smear much
  • Long-lasting color


  • Pricey

#6 Naturcolor 4N Burdock Hair Dyes

Heading to the salon every few weeks isn’t practical for many women – finding the time can get tricky, and not to mention, it can be expensive.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (6)

naturcolor Haircolor Hair Dye - Burdock, 4 Fl Oz (4N)

  • Contains no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens
  • Available in 31 colors, each color can be used alone or blended to create personalized hair colors

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Getting the Naturcolor hair dye is the next best thing.

The natural hair dye does not contain ammonia, resorcinol, or parabens, making it one of the safest options out there.

But what’s more impressive is the fact that it is available in 31 different colors. The colors can be blended to create personalized shades, too.

Application takes less than an hour, and the company does not test the product on animals. The dyes are also dermatologically tested, so safety is nothing you need to be concerned about.

The reasonable prices and the professional-grade results make it a worthy buy.


  • Available in 31 blendable colors
  • Application takes less than an hour
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Excellent value for money


  • Lasts for roughly three weeks only

#7 Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

The problem with most semi-permanent colors in the market is that they do not deliver the intense color that permanent hair dyes do.

No products found.

If you’re annoyed by this, Lime Crime’s hair dyes are worth checking out. These come in several shades, and every dye from the company leaves your hair looking gorgeously shaded.

In addition to leaving your hair looking great, the hair dye will also condition your hair and leave a sweet scent without damaging your hair.

One of the best things about the hair dye is that it is ready to use out of the jar – you won’t need to add developers to it or apply heat to make it work.

A simple patch and strand test can help quickly determine the right color saturation, and its reasonable pricing makes it an excellent all-around product.


  • Intense color
  • PETA-verified vegan products
  • Damage-free formula
  • Softens hair
  • Leaves a sweet scent


  • Will stain hair outside of intended dyeing region

#8 Splat Naturals Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you’re looking to get your hands on an eco-friendly, non-toxic hair dye, Splat Natural’s dyes are the right product to go for.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (7)

Splat Naturals, Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Dye : 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, No...

  • ★ 95% NATURAL FORMULA ★ - Treat your wild side! This unique formula includes Quinoa...
  • ★ ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA AND PACKAGING ★ - No parabens, PPD, resorcinol, sulfates, ammonia...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The unique formula comprises 95% natural ingredients, including Quinoa proteins, which moisturize and fortify your hair and protect it from UV damage.

It is rich in vitamin B5, enabling the dye to restore shine and strengthen the hair follicles.

The company proudly flaunts its minimalistic packaging and states that it uses 90% less packaging than traditional hair kits. It substantially decreases the harm caused to the environment.

The non-toxic hair dye is affordable, but the color doesn’t fade away for 30 washes, making it one of the longest-lasting semi-permanent hair dyes out there.

The easy application and eco-conscious packaging make it one of the best non-toxic hair dyes available.


  • Lasts 30 washes
  • 95% natural formula
  • Enriched with vitamin B5
  • 90% reduction in packaging
  • Excellent pricing


  • Will stain the skin – user must be careful during application

#9 Davis Finest Indigo Powder for Hair Dye

Henna is an excellent choice if you want to give your hair a beautiful red/orange color. However, red and orange hair doesn’t suit everybody.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (8)

Davis Finest Indigo Powder for Hair Dye, Natural Black Henna Hair Colour,...

  • PPD FREE HAIR DYE containing no ammonia or metallic salts. An ideal alternative for those allergic...
  • COLOR HAIR OR BEARD light, medium or dark brown and black to jet black hair color with henna,...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Indigo Powder by Davis Finest is an excellent natural alternative to henna for those than want to color their hair in a darker shade.

The powder is 100% plant-based since it is derived from the Indigo leaf. It does not contain PPD or other harsh chemicals, making it perfect for those looking to use organic, vegan, cruelty-free hair dyes.

It will give grey hair a blue-green color, making it the perfect natural option if you have dark hair.

You can also mix the Indigo leaf powder with henna. Depending on the proportion, you can achieve a brown or even a black hair dye.

Indigo powder naturally thickens the hair and will make your hair feel fuller. Couple all of its benefits with its reasonable pricing, and you get one of the best hair dyes you can buy.


  • Hair volumizing effect
  • Great for dark hair
  • No PPD or other harsh chemicals
  • Can be mixed with henna to achieve brown and black dyes


  • Long application time

#10 ION Color Brilliance DEMI PERMANENT Creme Hair Dye

Ammonia allergies can be painful to deal with. Having an allergy also requires you to be extra careful when picking hair dyes.

No products found.

ION’s demi-permanent hair color is free from PPD and ammonia, and unlike other dyes, it does not penetrate strands of hair. Instead, it wraps around the strand of hair, coloring and strengthening it at the same time.

The company enriches its dye with various oils, strengthening your hair and giving it a soft feel.

The unique formula is easy to apply, which, coupled with its effectiveness, makes it easy to achieve 100% coverage.

But perhaps the best thing about the ammonia-free dye is that it is pocket-friendly.


  • Oils nourish the hair
  • Ammonia- and PPD-free formula
  • No bleach – covers hair without harming the natural pigment
  • Makes hair stronger
  • Available in seven colors


  • Doesn’t last as long as permanent hair dyes

#11 RAW Demi-Permanent Hair Color

If you love the idea of demi-permanent hair color but didn’t find the ION Color Brilliance’s color selection satisfactory, the hair color by RAW is worth checking out.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (9)

RAW Lagoon Blue Demi-Permanent Hair Color, Vegan, Free from Ammonia,...

  • BE “BLUE AWAY” WITH VIBRANT LAGOON BLUE HAIR COLOR: Here’s your favorite hair color brand with...
  • BRILLIANT, LONG LIVE DEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR, Give your hair long-lasting color vibrant, beautiful...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The safe hair dye is slightly more expensive than its ION counterpart, but it is available in about a dozen colors and offers a decent set of health benefits.

The paraben, ammonia, and PPD free formula helps restore your natural locks. The lack of harsh chemicals also helps prevent hair complications, allergies, and asthma.

It also softens the hair, making it right for you if your hair tends to get dry and brittle.

RAW demi-permanent hair color is made in the U.S.A., and the company maintains a cruelty-free manufacturing process. Furthermore, the formula is 100% veggie-based, so the hair dye is among the best of the best in terms of quality.

But perhaps the best thing about it is that it can last for up to six weeks, making it on-par with many permanent hair dyes.


  • 11 color options
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 100% veggie-based formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Cruelty-free


  • Slightly more expensive

#12 EKOEH Hair Color

It’s surprising how many cosmetic companies value profits over ethics. If you feel the need to use organic hair colors made from ethically-sourced ingredients, there’s no better option than the EKOEH hair color.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (10)

Hair Color EKOEH BRASIL Cream Chocolate, PPD FREE, VEGAN 2.7fl.oz

  • ✅ Infused with Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vegan and Cruelty Free Certified by PETA,...
  • ✅ Developed with hypoallergenic ingredients, Ammonia Free, PPD/PTD Free, Resorcinol Free, LEAD...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It’s free from PPD and PTD, doesn’t contain ammonia or resorcinol, and does not have any synthetic fragrance.

The vegan formula gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for, and the dye is cruelty-free certified by PETA.

It’s not expensive, either, and the pre-mixed formula makes the dye easy to apply.

The lack of GMOs, lead, parabens, BPA, and PVC, makes it arguably as safe as henna. So if you want to color your hair brown but don’t want to use henna, the EKOEH hair color will be the right option.

The dye comes in eco-friendly packaging, making it an all-around world-class product.


  • Affordable
  • No PPD, ammonia, or other chemicals
  • PETA-certified cruelty-free
  • Vegan formula
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Fades away relatively quickly

#13 Punky Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

Finding a semi-permanent hair color made from natural ingredients can be a challenge in and of itself. Wanting the hair color to be bold and not light makes the search more complicated than it already is.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (11)

Punky Midnight Blue Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color, Non-Damaging...

  • Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye: Turn up the magic in your gorgeous night-sky Punky Colour...
  • Non-Damaging & Conditions Hair: Achieve vibrant color and condition as it transforms! No need to add...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Punky has been in the market for a few years now and offers exactly that – bold and natural semi-permanent colors.

The dye is available in 23 different colors, and every dye gives your hair a deep color. But perhaps what’s more impressive is the fact that the dye works perfectly on every type of hair.

If you have dull and flat hair, using this dye will ensure that your hair looks more beautiful and feels stronger.

The easy to apply dye also conditions your hair while coloring it, bringing back its original vibrancy that turns heads.

The non-toxic dye lasts 25 washes and fades away just a little with every wash, gradually fading into a gorgeous dye.

The pocket-friendly pricing is the icing on the cake.


  • Conditions your hair
  • Works perfectly on all hair types
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in 23 different colors
  • Takes 25 washes to fade away


  • Color fades a little with every wash

#14 Herb Speedy PPD Free Hair Dye

Finding the time to dye your hair can be difficult sometimes. If you want a fast hair dyeing solution that doesn’t compromise on safety, get the Herb Speedy hair dye.

No products found.

It is a revolutionary 10-minute color cream, which quickly gives your hair the color you want it to have.

Its gentle formula makes it apt for use by those with a sensitive scalp.

The hair dye is free from PPD and ammonia, making it one of the healthiest options available. It also contains natural herbal extracts, which help minimize hair loss.

But perhaps the best thing about this non-toxic hair dye is that it protects your hair from damage by UV rays.

It’s pocket-friendly, healthy, and gets the job done quickly, making it hard not to recommend.


  • Affordable
  • 10-minute formula
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Herbal extracts help minimize hair loss
  • Protects your hair from UV damage


  • Doesn’t last as long as other permanent hair dyes

#15 Plants & Herbs Ayurvedic Herbal Indigo Powder Dye

Indigo-based hair dyes are the only hair dyes that will give your hair an attractive brown or black shade without using chemicals.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (12)

Plants & Herbs Ayurveda 100% Pure Herbal Indigo Powder Dye for Natural...

  • 100% pure herbal, chemical-free powder of premium Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) and Indigo (Indigofera...
  • Easily color your hair to natural and attractive shades of brown, black, red, and orange made to...

Last update on 2023-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The ayurvedic Indigo Powder from Plants & Herbs comprises 100% pure and chemical-free powder of Indigo leaves, organically grown and processed in India.

It is easy to use and free from additives like ammonia, PPD, paraben, and more.

The plant’s natural properties give your hair a beautiful shine by giving it more color and conditioning it.

Its excellent pricing and non-toxic ingredients make it one of the best non-toxic hair dyes money can buy.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Uses pure Indigo grown and processed in India
  • Conditions and strengthens hair
  • Gives hair a beautiful shine


  • Long application time

Open Questions About Non-Toxic Hair Dyes, Natural & Organic Hair Colors

How long do henna and indigo dyes need to be applied to work?

Henna and Indigo are the only two truly natural and organic hair dyes that you can buy. However, the lack of chemicals translates to a long application time.

You will need to keep the henna applied to your hair for a minimum of two hours. It’s recommended that you keep the paste applied for four hours for maximum coverage.

Who should use organic hair dyes?

Anybody can use organic hair dyes since they are less harsh than the chemical-loaded products you find in the market.

Henna works best for those with blonde hair, but it doesn’t look as great on those with dark hair.

On the other hand, Indigo looks great on those with dark hair.

Are henna and Indigo the only natural hair dyes out there?

Certainly not – some use coffee, tea, beetroots, walnut shells, and even lemon juice to dye their hair.

However, henna and Indigo are the best non-toxic hair dyes you can find in terms of effectiveness.


Now that you’re acquainted with the market’s best options and also know what you should be looking for in a hair dye when making a purchase decision, finding the best non-toxic hair dye should be a lot easier.

However, if you are unwilling to settle for anything but the best, get the Naturtint Permanent Hair Color.

The 6-pack will keep your hair colored the way you like it for months, and its non-toxic nature leaves you nothing to be concerned about.

The 32 different color options, coupled with vegan and cruelty-free manufacturing, make it an excellent choice.

Not to mention, it’s one of the most affordable organic hair dyes you can buy!

It’s hard not to recommend the Naturtint Permanent Hair Color.

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (13)

Best Non-Toxic Hair Dyes: Top Natural and Organic Picks Reviewed (14)

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Our best overall pick is Biolage Haircolor, a henna dye that's free from harmful chemicals including ammonia and PPD. We also love Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit, which is free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PDD, phthalates, and gluten, plus the added benefit of being packed with hydrating ingredients.

How can I dye my hair without harmful chemicals? ›

Try the following natural hair dyes if you're looking for alternative ways to color your hair.
  1. Carrot juice. Try carrot juice if you want to give your hair a reddish-orange tint. ...
  2. Beet juice. ...
  3. Henna. ...
  4. Lemon juice. ...
  5. Coffee. ...
  6. Sage. ...
  7. Chamomile tea.
May 3, 2017

Is there a hair dye without chemicals? ›

Discovery Naturals - Chestnut Medium Brown Natural Henna Hair Color For Men & Women, 100% Natural & Chemical-Free Dye for Hair & Beard, Easy To Use & Blends Well In Hair.

What is the most natural hair dye? ›

Derived from henna trees (aka the plant Lawsonia inermis), henna is arguably the most natural popular hair dye out there. And compared to other temporary dyes, it lasts longer.

Is there any organic hair dye? ›

Herb and Vegetable Dyes are 100% Organic

The most popular pick in this category is henna. Henna dye is a plant-based dye derived from the lawsonia inermis shrub. These dyes are 100% organic and all-natural, containing no synthetic chemicals.

Is there a safe hair dye? ›

Sorry, hair dye without any chemicals is just not a thing (again, unless you're working with henna or straight-up plant juice). Dye will always require some chemical-based ingredients to help deposit pigment onto your hair.

Which hair color doesn't damage hair? ›

Since semi permanent hair color simply coats the strand of your hair, it results in lesser damage. If you are someone who colors their hair to cover their greys, this type of hair color is perfect for you. Even with regular usage, non-permanent hair color doesn't damage your hair as much as permanent hair color.

Which hair Colour is safest for GREY hair? ›

We recommend shades like Chocolate Brown, Mahogany, Praline and Light Brown to cover grey hair. However, if you are regular with your touch ups, going for darker shades of brown is still a good choice.

How can I cover my GREY hair naturally? ›

Mix enough henna powder into one cup of black tea or coffee to make a paste with the consistency of yogurt. Cover the bowl and let it sit. After six hours mix in 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and then apply the mixture to your hair. Rinse it off after 1 to 3 hours, depending on the depth of color you want.


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