Fiesta MK8 Active park assist retrofit guide (2023)

Fiesta mk8 retrofit Active Park Assist (How to step by step)

Disclamer- Any modifications are done at owners risk. I accept no responsibility for any damage howsoever caused.

Parts needed
1.Front bumper with 6 PDC/holes brackets
2.Rear bumper with 6 PDC/holes brackets
3.1 x Active park module (PAM) H1BT-15K866-CE
4.12 x Parking sensors HU5T-15C868-AAW (4 of side) & HU5T-15C859-AAW (8 of front and rear)
5.1 x Front loom H1BT-15K867-ABE
6.1 x rear loom H1BT-15K868-ABC
7.2 x rear ABS sensors H1BC-2C190-BD
(£17.44 ea new from Ford)
8.1 x Console switch with PDC H1BT-11B573-CB (4 button)
But 5 and 6 button available
9.12 x Bumper sensor bracket (Euro car parts no. 829440445) if modyfying own bumpers
10.2 x plastic rivetts
11.1 x Laptop with Forscan and full licence to allow programming

I would recommend doing this in stages, unless you can do without your car until complete.
DISCONNECT BATTERY not strictly necessary at this stage but good practice.
Check if PDC wiring already in place – To do this open boot, remove parcel shelf and plastic support panel, also plastic panel over lock (all held in with clips) now peel back cardboard like cover to R/H side. The PDC wiring if there should be located in a plastic holder 2 plugs 1 x 20 pin 1 x 12 pin If there youre in luck, if not you will have to make up looms as i did (see wiring below)
Front bumper – If you’ve bought the bumper with holes and brackets then you just need to clip the sensors in place along with the wiring loom. Remove old bumper, several clips underneath, numerous bolts, unclip fog lamp wiring- refit new bumper.
If modifying your existing bumper, hole positions are pre marked on the inside of the bumper use a cone cutter to drill out to appropriate size. Spray brackets and sensors first and then glue in place on bumper. Allow to dry before re fitting.
Rear bumper – As per front bumper but using rear loom.
Remove existing console switch by using thin object left and right sides and prising gently. Switch should lift up enough to disconnect wiring plug. If PDC wiring in place fit new switch and push down clipping into place. If wiring not in place see below.
Fit Active parking module, holes are pre drilled in rear R/H boot space,(you may need to remove plastic plug bracket first) connect up both 20 and 12 pin plugs. Again if wiring not in place see below.
Fit the 2 rear ABS sensors, to do this jack up each side of car, place on axle stands.
Remove left and right hand rear wheels.
Undo 2 plastic 10mm nuts to allow disconnection of ABS sensor from body loom. Now using an 8mm socket undo the bolts holding the existing sensors in place – unclip and remove old sensors. Refit new ones by reversing removal process.
Note: If you reconnect battery you will get an ABS fault as still needs programming. Dont worry can still be driven, just no ABS or TCS. Alternatively fit these last after all other steps completed.
Making up your own looms – You will need
Black upvc tape
Several lengths of different coloured cables as per
2 wiring plugs 1 x 20 pin 2 rows of 10(main power, switch assembly & rear sensors) and 1 x 12 pin 2 rows of 6 (front sensors)
Pins to suit – I obtained an old wiring loom and stripped it for wires, plugs and pins, time consuming but cheapest way. If as i did you cant find plugs to suit use a larger one and cut down to correct size, again fiddly but can be done with care.
12 pin loom – you will need 8 wires (app 7 mtrs) long enough to go from the module position in the boot across to the L/H side then under the plastic door trims all the way to the glove box, hinge this down after releasing check strap. You will see a grommet in the fire wall where the bonnet release cable enters the engine bay. Use a sharp pointed object to make a 2nd hole and push cable through (you will need to remove battery and battery box to access) run them to a position near the existing multi plug on the chassis leg where the front bumper reinforcement joins. You will also need the female 8 pin plug to connect to the front loom.
Cables are as follows:
Violet/Gy pin 2 to common sensor +ve pin 1 all front sensors
Blue/Og pin 3 to Front R/H outer sensor pin 2
White/Bu pin 4 Front L/H inner sensor pin 2
White/Bn pin 5 Front R/H side sensor pin 2
Blue/Gy pin 9 Front R/H inner sensor pin 2
Blue/Gn pin 10 Front L/H outer sensor pin 2
Grey/Og pin 11 Front L/H side sensor pin 2
Yellow/Og pin 12 common gnd all sensors pin 3
Wrap all loom in pvc tape along its entirety and secure to existing loom with tywraps before replacing door trims.
Rear/main loom 20 pin
Run 6 wires (1 pr twisted) from the PAM under the door trims down the R/H side, 3 of them T off at a position near the front seat rails and go to the centre console switch, run them under the carpet so they cannot be damaged.
Brown pin 13 goes to pin 3 console switch (park aid on/off)
Green pin 12 goes to pin 2 console switch (Auto park)
Blue pin 4 goes to pin 7 console switch (status led)
The remaining 3 wires continue along the door trims to a position behind the lighting switch
Blue pin 9, White pin 8 twisted splice into HS can 1 either at the gateway module behind lighting switch or up to APIM behind cluster. (Blue to Blue, White to White) solder them or crimp.
The remaining Grey pin 1(1.0mm) goes all the way to the BCM located behind the glovebox connector C2280F pin 3 Fuse 3 10a.You can run this with front loom if you wish as goes to same place.
Again ensure all cables are adequately taped and secured before replacing door trims etc.
Next run 8 cables from the 20 pin PAM connector to a position under the car, following the existing rear fog light cable and grommet. You will need a 2nd 8 pin connector to mate up to the rear sensor loom.
Blue/W pin 3 goes to common +ve all sensors pin 1
Yellow/Og pin 5 goes to Rear outer R/H sensor pin 2
White/Og pin 6 goes to Rear inner L/H sensor pin 2
Brown pin 7 goes to R/H side sensor pin 2
Green/W pin 10 goes to common gnd all sensors pin 3
Yellow/Gy pin 15 goes to Rear inner R/H sensor pin 2
Yellow/Gn pin 16 goes to Rear outer L/H sensor pin 2
Green/Og pin 17 goes to L/H side sensor
Black/Y pin 20 goes to chassis gnd there is a point close to the PAM already use a crimp eyelet and secure.
Again fully wrap the loom in pvc tape and secure to existing wiring to secure in place
Very Important – check and recheck all connections before refitting battery, failure to do so could lead to module failure and or blown fuse.
Once fully checked connect up the 2 multi plugs to the PAM module
You are now ready to programne the Parking system.


Connect up your laptop to the car and open up Forscan, do a full scan NOT using existing profile, you should now see your new PAM module within the configeration, you will also have a number of DTCs showing up.
At this point and before you start to alter any settings save all of the cars modules as-built profile (label them as old ie old BCM etc) these will be invaluable if you need to revert back again.
Now attempt to clear the DTCs, all of the parking sensors should now clear in the PAM module although u may still have some U codes, these will go once programming complete.
Remove each sensor in turn via its 3 pin plug (after turning off ignition switch 1st)
Re check DTCs each time to ensure all sensors are in their correct positions. If all ok proceed to program if not correct wiring errors now!.
NOTE: The reason this is important in order for the sensors to display correctly and the active park work requires the correct information from each sensor in its correct location.
Re open Forscan again, Ignition on (this time connect a battery charger to maintain voltage whilst re programming). re scan again using no profile so you re scan full vehicle. Also make sure laptop fully charged or mains connected.
Go to the Service tab select ABS as-built, click run service procedure you should see a screen with lots of numbers and letters in boxes.
Go to line 760-02-01 enter 0101-0202-02 write
Next line 760-02-03 enter 0202-0201-02 write
Next line 760-02-04 enter 0201-0102-02 write

(DO NOT ALTER LINE 760-01-03 THIS is your Vin)

You may get checksum error box dont worry Forscan re calculates this for you when you click write.
Now click stop service tab, up to the top click config and programming tab scroll to APIM as-built. Click run service procedure.
Again you will be presented by a screen with numbers/letters etc
Enter the following
Line 7D0-01-01 #A##-####-##
Line 7D0-01-02 #B##-####-##
Line 7D0-04-02 ##07-####-##

Note where ## leave as existing only change as above. Again checksum will re calculate when you hit write. Now click stop service procedure.
Go to top tab again, select PSCM as-built

Click run service procedure
Enter the following
Line 730-03-01 FFFF-FF01-02 Click Write.
Click stop service procedure.
Same again only this time select IPC but go to central config, again click run service procedure.
Now scroll down the list of options to P select all parking options, edit each in turn from disabled to enable, should be Parking sensors rear, parking sensors front, blocked sensors, etc when all enabled then hit write.
NOTE Because of the number of cars with different specs out there, it is impossible to give you a definitive set of codes. In order to ensure you get the correct options a nit of homework may be involved. I therefore suggest download asbuilt explorer from Forscan forum, select your previous saved as-built as the 1st file then fund a car online with the spec and options you wish to have, download the asbuilt from site. Now use this file as your 2nd and compare the 2 module by module. The differences are highlighted in red. In order to determine what these changes are use a spreadsheet from the forum. The APIM is well catered for on the cyanlab/asbuilt site. Others you will have search for. The ones above worked for me, but you may have to adapt if needed. As long as you have original asbuilt you can always revert back.
Go to DTC tab clear all codes. All warning lights should now be out as normal.
After each action you may have to cycle your ignition on and off to confirm changes are applied.
Now Take car to an empty space and test.
What you should now have.
Select reverse, parking indication should show up on 8” screen. Drive backwards towards object you should get 1st yellow then red blocks akong with beeps as you get closer, now drive forwards towards object at less then 5mph again should get front warnings.
Drive close to left and right objects again should show in the display along with beeps. Once you speed up the display will return to normal until selecting reverse again.
Next press active button display should flash up 3 options select each in turn and check operation, i used large cardboard boxes to symbolise parked cars whilst testing.
Next press park button should turn off parking system, press again back on.
Finally drive at 30 mph on clear straight road, hit brakes as hard as possible, you should feel ABS kick in like a pulse in peddle and rapid deceleration, this proves ABS working ok.

My thanks go to all who helped and made this possible, for without them it wouldn't have been.

Enjoy your new toy!


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