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If you’re looking to keep the interior of your car or truck clean and minimize the amount of time you spend vacuuming your vehicle each month, it would be a good idea to invest in a set of high-quality floor mats.

The more durable and heavy-duty your floor mats, the less to clean and the less damage the interior of your car or truck has to withstand from extended usage.

Best Car Floor Mats Brands

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Car Floor Mats

  1. Weathertech
  2. Husky Liners
  3. Motor Trend
  4. FH Group
  5. BDK

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Car Floor Mats Reviews

Before you head out to the store or order a set of new floor mats online, you need to know a bit about what you’ll be looking for and which manufacturers to trust. We’re going to review the top five manufacturers and provide you with some background on their products.

We’ll also spend some time going over the different types of floor mats and floor liners that each of our five manufacturers makes. That can help you to decide which product would best fit your lifestyle and physically fit into the interior of your car or truck.

After we review each of these brands, we’ll talk you through the floor mat or floor liner selection process. We’ll go over what you should be looking for in your ideal product and then answer some questions you might have about floor mats and liners.

#1- Weathertech

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Company Information

WeatherTech has become one of the leading manufacturers in floor mats and floor liners in recent years. That’s because a majority of their products come with a custom-fit design perfect for any vehicle that offers all-weather protection from mud, dirt, rain, and snow.

WeatherTech strives to create products that’ll protect your vehicle from any source of damage or disrepair. That’s why their product line also includes seat and door protectors, trunk mats, drink coasters, window shades, and a ton of exterior protection products.

Product Groups

There are two primary product groups for WeatherTech floor mats:

1. FloorLiner

  • Provide a custom-fit for optimal interior protection
  • Offers coverage of the entire footwell
  • Laser-measured for accuracy

The FloorLiner product line by WeatherTech provides a custom-fit style no matter what your vehicle’s year, make, or model is. When developing each product, WeatherTech laser measures the specific dimensions of each vehicle’s footwells to provide the perfect fit for your vehicle.

These FloorLiner products don’t only offer as much coverage as possible, but they also boast incredible durability to maintain the high-quality design of the floor mats while completely protecting your vehicle’s floor. Each of these products is designed with a High-Density Tri-Extruded material to prevent fluid absorption and spread while driving.

2. All-Weather Floor Mats

  • Help to trap water, mud, and sand
  • Allow for quick and easy cleanup after spills
  • Can be custom fit for any vehicle

The All-Weather Floor Mats manufactured by WeatherTech truly set the standards for what a high-quality, durable floor mat is. Constructed of 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials, these floor mats will help to protect your vehicle’s floor from any type of debris, no matter what time of year it is.

A majority of these WeatherTech floor mats come specially-designed for specific makes and models, but they are also trimmable if the fit of your new floor mats isn’t perfect. What makes these floor mats even more impressive is how simple it is to remove them from your vehicle, quickly rinse them off, and then replace them once they’ve dried.

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#2- Husky Liners

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Company Information

Husky Liners has developed quite an extensive product line consisting of different types of items used in and around the vehicle to provide adequate protection. The floor mats produced by Husky Liners are considered all-weather and offer incredible protection from any environment.

No matter what your needs are in terms of protecting your vehicle, Husky Liners has at least one product that’ll meet your needs. In addition to floor liners and floor mats, Husky Liners produces sunshades, mudflaps, wheel guards, and seat covers.

Product Groups

There are 5 product groups for Husky Liners floor mats.

1. WeatherBeater

  • Laser-measured for the perfect fit for any vehicle
  • Easily locks down to prevent shifting and movement
  • The design includes ridges for optimal protection

When it comes to the WeatherBeat line by Husky Liners, its quality and protection are difficult to beat. In addition to being accurately measured and fitted with laser-measuring technology, these floor liners also come with strategically-designed rubber grooves.

No matter how sharp you take those turns, the grooves will prevent any excess water or debris from moving across the mat.

There’s also no risk of the mat moving once it’s been installed as a result of the spikes at the bottom of the mat. These will help the mat to stay put until you intentionally remove it for cleaning and vacuuming.

2. X-Act Contour

  • Soft, yet durable design
  • Stays in place once they’re installed
  • Laser-measured design

When you add the X-Act Contour floor mats from Husky Liners to your vehicle, you’ll be providing your family with a soft, yet highly durable floor mat. Rather than the typical rugged design of weatherproof mats, the X-Act Contour is much more gentle and user-friendly.

Like other mats from Husky Liners, this line comes with remarkably strong spikes at the bottom to keep the mat from moving when you move. Additionally, the rubber ridges of this design will keep any unwanted debris from traveling when you take those sharp turns or brake suddenly.

3. Classic Style

  • Measured with lasers for an accurate fit
  • Rugged diamond-shaped material
  • Effectively lines your vehicle’s footwell

The Classic Style floor liners from Husky Liners are designed to fit your vehicle, in particular. With laser-measure technology used to determine the perfect fit, you can be sure that these floor liners will stay in place no matter what your driving habits are.

Not only do these floor liners perfectly mold to the shape of your vehicle’s footwells, but they’ll also provide protection for nearly any vehicle dating back to the 1970s. With a diamond-shaped durable material, any vehicle from any era will be optimally protected from the environment.

4. Heavy-Duty

  • Extra-thick driver’s heel pad
  • Exceptionally high ridges
  • Easy installation and removal

The greatest quality of the Heavy-Duty floor mats produced by Husky Liners is the reinforced heel pad. Though this area is prone to wearing away when you drive frequently, the extra padding in this area will drastically extend the lifespan of your floor mats.

Most rubber floor mats are great at keeping debris from spreading across your mat, but very few actually protect your feet from the debris like this mat does. These mats are also incredibly easy to install and remove, so cleaning should no longer be a hassle.

5. Mogo Floor Liners

  • Offers stainless steel accents
  • Simple to clean
  • Perfect fit for any vehicle

These laser-measured Mogo Floor Liners by Husky Liners are pretty high-end when it comes to protecting your vehicle from water, mud, and snow.

To fit the typical design of a luxury vehicle, these floor mats have stainless steel accents and are super easy to clean when you track debris into your car.

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#3- Motor Trend

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Company Information

Known as one of the leading forces in the automobile world, Motor Trend made its subtle entry into the world of vehicle accessories and products several years ago. Since then, Motor Trend has begun developing product lines in the areas of seat covers, steering wheels, and floor mats.

Though not as widespread and well-known as the company had hoped, their high-quality products make a great fit in nearly any car or truck. Motor Trend also offers a selection of electrical-based vehicle products, which it’s most well-known for in recent years.

Product Groups

There are two primary product groups for Motor Trend floor mats.

1. FlexTough

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Trimmable for a greater fit
  • All-weather protection

The FlexTough line from Motor Trend was created to help protect your vehicle from the elements, specifically water, snow, salt, sand, and mud! The rubber material used to create these products will keep any unwanted debris from traveling through your vehicle while you’re driving.

What’s great about these products is the fact that they’re trimmable, meaning the perfect fit depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into trimming your vehicle’s floor mats. These mats are also constructed of high-quality environmentally-friendly material to keep you and your family safe from dangerous chemicals and toxins.

2. All-Weather Deep Dish Floor Mats

  • Provide some vertical protection
  • Trimmable for a better fit
  • Easy to install

The Deep Dish Floor Mats from Motor Trend provide even greater protection than regular floor mats. That’s because these products line a bit more of your footwell than the average mat, which can help guarantee optimal protection from debris and stains.

One of the best features of these floor mats is how easy they are to install for deep dish mats, as you can easily slip them in and go for a drive or remove them when it’s time to clean them. If the fit isn’t exactly how you like it, you can take a pair of scissors or a knife to your mats to conform them to the dimensions of your vehicle.

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#4- FH Group

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Company Information

For the last 10 years, FH Group has effectively defended its position as one of the best vehicle accessory manufacturers in America. FH Group places a stern focus on variety, which is why each type of product that they sell comes in plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors.

FH Group isn’t only a solid choice when it comes to durable floor mats and floor liners. This company also produces an extensive array of other vehicle-based products, including seat covers, automobile covers, steering wheel covers, and even a home goods line.

Product Groups

There are two primary product groups for FH Group floor mats.

#1 Universal Floor Mats

  • Carpet or rubber material
  • Many are trimmable for a better fit
  • Plenty of color options

When it comes to the Universal Floor Mats by FH Group, there’s no guarantee that the floor mats will fit your vehicle perfectly. However, many of the products in this line are easily trimmable to allow your mats to better fit the dimensions of your vehicle.

You have quite a few options when it comes to these universal mats. Because they aren’t designed specifically for any vehicle, there are more color options and you can select between rubber and carpet mats.

#2 Custom-Fit Floor Mats

  • Designed for specific models
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Different color options

For a better fit to your vehicle’s interior dimensions, custom-fit floor mats by FH Group might be more your speed. Each floor mat is designed for a particular range of makes, models, and years of vehicles, so you have to make sure that you’re getting the right one.

The material selection for this type of mat typically varies based on the type of vehicle that you own, with the mats for higher end vehicles being made of faux leather while others are constructed of rubber or carpet. Most products also come with a few color options to better fit the interior style of your vehicle.

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#5- BDK

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Company Information

BDK will have almost everything you need when you’re looking to make improvements to the interior of your vehicle or just make your car better fit your personality.

BDK has steadily become an industry leader in the automotive accessory world, creating products that are considered environmentally-friendly and appealing to the masses.

Their available products range significantly, from floor mats, to seat covers, to steering wheel covers. No matter what style, logo, or design you’re looking for, BDK has a product line that’ll suit your needs perfectly.

Product Groups

There are three primary product groups for BDK floor mats.

1. All-Weather Mats

  • Protect from wear and tear and environmental damage
  • Heavy-duty trimmable rubber
  • Several different styles available

These All-Weather Mats by BDK are designed for optimal protection from the environment, whether that’s snow, mud, or salt. Made of heavy-duty rubber, these all-weather mats will provide incredible protection for years and keep debris from accessing your floor.

You’ll have quite a few options when it comes to these mats, as some will cover the entire footwell of your vehicle while others are the basic floor mat. If the fit isn’t perfect for your specific vehicle model, you can easily trim the mat to allow for a more snug fit.

2. Carpet Mats

  • Protect from stains
  • Rubber nubs to keep the mat in place
  • Three color options

Though carpet floor mats are usually known to be of lower quality, these carpet mats from BDK are made of a thicker weaved carpet for maximal protection from any stain or debris.

Many of these products are also fadeless, meaning they’ll keep their color no matter how often they’re exposed to the sun.

Like most carpet mats, you can easily remove this product from your vehicle for quick cleaning with a vacuum or a combination of soap and water. These mats also come in at least three color options to allow more consistency when it comes to the interior of your vehicle.

3. Fashion & Logo

  • Optimal comfort and personalization
  • All types of styles and logos
  • Carpet and rubber options

If you’re looking for car mats more for the style that they offer rather than protection, these fashion and logo car mats from BDK might be more your style. There are plenty of designs available, from floral designs to superhero logos to some of the more popular animated characters from your childhood.

Depending on the product, you might have a selection between rubber and carpet material. These floor mats are, by far, the best way to show off your personality and customize your car to match your interests.

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Car Floor Mats Comparison Table

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All new vehicles coming straight from the manufacturer offer standard floor mats or liners to provide some protection to the floor of your vehicle, but they often wear away quickly or become stained easily.

At a certain point, it’s a better idea to just replace the floor mats rather than continue to care for them.

Not all floor mats or floor liners are the same. Out of all the known manufacturers of modern-day floor mats and floor liners, we selected five that we believe produce the highest quality products.

You probably don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for floor mats for your vehicles, but choosing the right product now can help you to protect your vehicle from damage, save you from having to buy another set in the next few months, and avoid a pricey trip to the dealership when the floor of your car or truck needs repairs.


The price tag associated with floor mats and floor liners highly depend on the manufacturer, the features of the floor mat, and the type of vehicle you’re purchasing them for.

Obviously, selecting a set of custom-fit floor mats or heavy-duty weatherproof liners will cost you a little extra at the register, but they’ll also do a much better job when it comes to protecting your vehicle from damage.

Vehicle Types & Custom Designs

No two vehicles are designed exactly the same. That means you’ll need to invest in floor mats or liners that fit your vehicle in particular. Most products will fit at least one make and model, but you need to make sure that your vehicle is one of them before you make your selection.

There are also custom-fit floor mats and liners that are designed specifically for your vehicle. These products take into account the exact measurements of your vehicle and provide optimal protection fit for your car or truck.

The most important thing you can do before clicking “Add to Cart ” is making sure that your vehicle is supported by the floor mat or floor liner that you’re looking to buy. Otherwise, the mats that are delivered to you will be practically useless.

Brand & Material Types

The most common type of floor mat (and the type of floor mat your vehicle probably came with) is some type of carpeting. These mats help to protect the floor of your vehicle from stains and direct damage. Yet, this type of floor easily wears away after consistent use and collects stains rather easily.

Heavy-duty weatherproof floor mats are much more effective for several reasons. Not only do they rarely wear through no matter how much you use them, but they can also collect any spills within your vehicle. They’re easily washable and they’ll look brand new once you clean them.

You should also make sure that you’re choosing a reputable brand. The Internet is full of different manufacturers that produce floor mats, but not all are brands recognized for their high-quality products. Make sure you’re selecting a legitimate brand known for its floor mats.

Ease of Installation

No matter which type of floor mat or liner you choose for your vehicle, they should be pretty easy to install once they arrive. For the most part, you’ll simply remove your previous mats, slip your old ones on, and you’re ready to drive! Make sure you’re connecting them to your vehicle properly and they’re in the right location.

Performance & Features

There are quite a few features you should be on the lookout for when you’re looking for new floor mats. Here are some characteristics of the higher quality floor mats on the market.


These have become wildly popular in recent years because of how durable they are. Rather than replacing your carpet floor mats every few years when your heel begins to scrape through the surface, weather-proof mats are made of a rubber material that’s resistant to wear and tear and won’t allow water or fluids to seep into or stain your vehicle’s floor.

Custom-Fit Liners

These mats and liners and designed for one specific model of vehicle. They take into account all measurements of the vehicle model and create a product designed to provide optimal protection and fit. Long gone are the days of accidentally tracking mud into your vehicle and permanently staining the floor of your car or truck.


If you order universal floor mats for your vehicle, they’re usually advertised as being “trimmable.” Essentially, you can trim the edges of the floor mats to allow them to better fit into the interior of your vehicle. If you’re not willing to put in a little extra money for custom-fit floor mats, this might be your only way to get “custom-fit” floor mats.

Universal Floor Mats

These mats aren’t ideal when it comes to getting the most coverage and a better fit, but they are usually cheaper to purchase. There’s technically no need for custom-fit floor mats, so these are a viable option if you’re looking to cut costs or simply provide average protection.


When it comes to rubber floor mats, the ridges included in the design can help to keep any unwanted debris from spreading to other parts of your vehicle. With added rubber ridges, your floor mat can help to keep the fluid and stains in place until you finally get around to cleaning them.

The Importance of Your Car’s Floor Mats

All cars and trucks come standard with floor mats to help protect the floor of the vehicle from direct damage. There are plenty of benefits of having floor mats in your vehicle.

The most important reason to use floor mats in your vehicle is that it prevents damage to your car’s floor. If you’ve ever driven a vehicle for several years, you might notice that your heel begins to tear a hole in your driver’s seat floor mat.

Now, imagine that hole being torn into your vehicle’s floor. That would require a ton of time and effort to fix, and it might not even be completely fixable!

Floor mats are also useful because they keep the floor of your car or truck perfectly clean. They’re basically a barrier between your feet and the actual floor of your vehicle. That means any snow, dirt, or salt that you track in on your feet will be collected by the floor mats, not by the floor.

Not only do floor mats offer superior protection for the interior of your vehicle, but they’re also pretty easy to clean. Rather than scrubbing the floor of your car hoping the stain or mud will come out, you can easily vacuum and wash the floor mats and then return them to your car.

Once floor mats become too damaged or stained, you can simply throw them away and invest in a new set, all while protecting your vehicle from damage and stains!

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is it better to buy rubber floor mats or carpeted floor mats?

A: That all depends on the look that you’re going for in your car or truck. If you’re looking to maintain an even color scheme and make your vehicle look more comfortable, you might want to stick to the carpeted floor mats. If you value protecting your vehicle’s floor and an easy to clean floor mat, rubber floor mats may be more your style.

Q: What are the differences between floor mats and floor liners?

A: They both have the same goal, but floor liners provide a little more protection. Floor mats sit flat on the floor of your car or truck and keep dirt and water from soaking into your vehicle’s floor. On the other hand, floor liners provide the same protection, but typically extend vertically a little to provide as much protection as possible.

Q: How do you clean your floor mats?

A: It depends on which type of floor mat you have in your vehicle. No matter what type of floor mat you have, you should begin the cleaning process with a quick vacuum to remove any debris and dirt from your mats. If you have rubber floor mats, you can remove them and rinse them down with water before returning them to your vehicle. For carpet floor mats, you can spot clean with water and soap.

Q: How long do floor mats typically last?

A: Carpet floor mats are known to last between one and three years, but it all depends on how often you use them. If nobody really sits in your car’s backseat, you’ll notice that those floor mats are practically in perfect condition. Since most rubber car mats are considered heavy-duty, they’re likely to last more than three years.


As you can see from this guide, there are plenty of things that you have to consider before purchasing floor mats for your vehicle. The most important thing that you can do before buying a set of floor mats is making sure that they’re designed specifically for the make, model, and year of your car or truck.

In addition to making sure that your new car mats will fit your vehicle, you need to make sure that the product you’re buying meets all of your needs. That might mean getting heavy-duty rubber car mats if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors or if you live in a rainy area.

The last bit of advice that we have to offer is to select a reputable brand for your new car mats. Car mats are more than just interior styling for your vehicle and purchasing a low-quality product could lead to expensive and permanent damage to your vehicle’s flooring.

How We Researched

To come up with the top car floor mat brands, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as 4×4 Magazine and Outside Online Magazine along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used Fakespot.com to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in offroading, motorcycling, and auto mechanics. They are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow auto-enthusiasts and industry experts.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.



Are Husky floor mats as good as WeatherTech? ›

The quick answer:

The WeatherTech DigitalFit mats are made from a surprisingly rigid thermoplastic, while Husky's floor mats can be had as a tough rubberized thermoplastic with the WeatherBeaters or a more pliable elastomeric rubber with the X-act contours. Both will do an excellent job of protecting your carpet.

Are WeatherTech floor mats worth it? ›

Compared to stock mats, WeatherTech liners are tougher and have longer durability. They also perform better than most aftermarket mats. Their precise craftsmanship gives them an edge over all the others. Send us a text at 281-761-6097 and we'll help you find the right set of floor liners.

Are thicker car mats better? ›

The 'Thicker' the Carpet, the more 'Durable' it will be. For a longer mat life, we recommend purchasing a minimum of 650g Per M2 (Deluxe Car Mats). The 650g Per M2 Carpet is 'Automotive Approved', yet it's still classed as an 'Entry Level' Carpet.

What brand is just as good as WeatherTech? ›

What brand is comparable to WeatherTech? WeatherTech mats are a higher-end product that costs more to manufacture. Comparable mat brands include Husky Liners, Intro-Tech and Rugged Ridge.

Is WeatherTech made in China? ›

WeatherTech claims over 95% of its products are manufactured in the United States at its plants in Illinois.

Does WeatherTech make the best floor mats? ›

WeatherTech is another major name in car floor mats, and like Husky Liners, they also have a contender for best overall universal floor mats. The WeatherTech Universal Trim to Fit All Weather Floor Mats are that contender, made of a durable material and designed with channels that catch mud, dirt and liquids.

Are Husky mats made in USA? ›

We also manufacture heavy-duty floor mats, custom molded mudguards, and a wide assortment of quality products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle. All products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and most come with a hassle-free, lifetime guarantee.

Why do WeatherTech floor mats curl up? ›

The Weathertech floor mats sometimes will be curled up when new and in cold environments and what our contacts at Weathertech advise is to roll them up the opposite direction they are wanting to curl up for a few minutes and then try installing them again and they should be the correct shape.

Can I use armor all on my WeatherTech floor mats? ›

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive type cleaners as these products may damage the FloorLiners™ or All-Weather Floor Mats. We do not recommend the use of Armor-All®, Son-of-a-Gun® or any other silicone-based surface treatment, as this will make the surface slippery.

What color WeatherTech floor mats should i get? ›

What color should the floor liners match the carpet, dashboard, or the seats? Expert Reply: Most customers choose a WeatherTech Front Auto Floor Mat color that is closest to the carpet color of their vehicle.

Do you put Weathertech mats over carpet? ›

DO remove all existing floor mats - When you install your WeatherTech floor mats, you'll want to make sure that they are placed directly on the vehicle's carpet. Remove any existing floor mats to ensure that you get a perfect fit.

Are gel or foam anti-fatigue mats better? ›

"Foam rubber mats are suitable for long hours of standing and often have higher foam density inside. Gel mats are probably the best for fatigue prevention and ergonomic properties."

What is the best thickness for a standing mat? ›

Anti-fatigue mats range in thickness, but on average, a good quality mat has a thickness of around 0.75 inches. This gives a nice amount of cushion without feeling like you're standing on a noticeably higher surface.

What are the disadvantages of car floor mats? ›

+ Disadvantages of felt mats:

- The felt is very absorbent, making it easy for dirt to cling onto, and it easily gets wet and builds up a smell very quickly. Cleaning the mat is also inconvenient because if you wash the mat, it takes a long time to dry.

Are dealer floor mats worth it? ›

They are better quality

The problem is, usually these floor mats are way overpriced and are a lesser quality than you can get from an aftermarket mat. Floor mats are meant to give the dealership extra money, not to give you the best protection. Aftermarket mats are designed by companies that specialize in floor mats.

How long do car floor mats last? ›

Molded vinyl and the more durable urethane mats should give you five years but it is still best to keep a lookout after the first 12 months, especially for heavy-duty use.

Who competes with WeatherTech? ›

weathertech.com's top 5 competitors in March 2023 are: huskyliners.com, autoanything.com, aliexpress.com, samsclub.com, and more.

Are WeatherTech mats made in USA? ›

WeatherTech FloorLiners, All-Weather Mats and Trim-to-Fit Floor Mats are all manufactured right in Bolingbrook, Illinois by skilled American workers, using all American materials.

Are WeatherTech mats plastic or rubber? ›

All-Weather Floor Mats and Trim-To-Fit Floor Mats

The material is an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and contains no latex, PVCs, cadmium or lead, and just like the FloorLiner material, it is still 100% recyclable.

Is WeatherTech 100% made in America? ›

Hopefully by now you've heard that WeatherTech makes its products in America. In fact, over 95% of our products are made in our own factories within the United States, and that's a number that WeatherTech is dedicated to increasing every year.

Is WeatherTech better than OEM? ›

The OEM mats are the most flexible and have more give, whereas WeatherTech Liners are very stiff in structure and don't bend. The Husky Liners have some give but not as much as the OEM. If you easily get annoyed by loud clomping noises you might want to steer away from WeatherTech.

Where do WeatherTech mats ship from? ›

WeatherTech products are typically delivered from our Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA warehouse in 7-10 days from the time of purchase using standard ground service. Packages are shipped Monday through Friday.

Do WeatherTech mats have an odor? ›

They described the smell as "unbearable." It isn't mildew. I pulled the mats out today and the smell went away almost immediately.

Are American floor mats made in the USA? ›

American Floor Mats Workstation Chair Mats | for Carpeted Sufaces | Made in USA | Lifetime Warranty | Quick Ship (66" W x 60" H - Light Bulb/Beaker Shape)

What is the difference between WeatherTech HP and regular? ›

The FloorLiners are made out of a harder, more rigid material, and the FloorLiner HP is made out of a softer, more flexible material. Both will protect the carpet and contain spills; however, the FloorLiners cover the most surface area.

Where are coco mats made? ›

We choose Fort Mill, SC, for the great skilled labor and a positive and healthy work environment. We have built a great team of skilled craftsmen. Every mat we manufacture is handmade to order, using the finest materials and labor available.

Why are WeatherTech mats slippery? ›

The material these mats are made of is somewhere between a hard plastic, and rubber. They are a little slippery when getting in with wet, or snowy boots.

Why is my car floor wet under mat? ›

That's more likely to be rainwater seeping past bad window seals, bad sunroof weatherstripping or even leaking in from the doors. Water can get into the door panels, and should drain out onto the road -- but the doors could leak water into the cabin if the drain holes become blocked with debris.

How do you remove road salt from WeatherTech floor mats? ›

One of the most common ways of removing salt from car mats is good old-fashioned elbow grease. In conjunction with our TechCare® FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner, using a hand held scrubbing brush will help to remove salt stains after allowing the cleaner to soak into the mat.

How long is wait for WeatherTech floor mats? ›

Packages are shipped Monday through Friday. Most packages take approximately 5-7 business days for FedEx ground shipping to deliver to your door, unless Express Shipping was selected, or the part needed to be manufactured.

Do you really need all weather floor mats? ›

Carpet mats vs all-weather mats

All-weather mats, on the other hand, also have their pros. They last longer than carpet mats, which do wear out over time (especially if abused). All-weather mats are also better at containing messes like mud, dirt, and liquids.

Is WeatherTech worth the price? ›

It meets and exceeds all standards. Compared to stock mats, WeatherTech liners are tougher and have longer durability. They also perform better than most aftermarket mats. Their precise craftsmanship gives them an edge over all the others.

What is better floor liners or floor mats? ›

Wirecutter explains that floor mats are basically pieces of rubber, carpet, or a combination of the two that are less expensive than liners but also offer less protection. With floor liners, you'll get a custom shape that will easily fit your vehicle.

How do you keep WeatherTech mats looking new? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Hose down the mats to loosen debris. Then, scrub each mat with mild laundry or dish soap and water.
  2. Alternatively, fill your tub with soapy water and soak the mats for a few minutes. Then, scrub each mat with a sponge.
  3. Rinse the mats with water, dry them off, and reinstall them in your vehicle.

What is the best mat for on top of carpet? ›

Top 6 Home Gym Floorings Over Carpet Reviewed
  • ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat — Top Pick.
  • BalanceFrom Exercise Mat — Runner Up.
  • REPFitness Rubber Floor Tiles — Runner Up.
  • JIGMATS Foam Mats Interlocking Tiles — Budget Pick.
  • Walsai Foam Puzzle Mats.
  • Rubber-Cal Diamond-Plate.
Dec 25, 2022

Are carpet or all weather floor mats better? ›

While carpet mats are a traditional choice for luxury vehicles that are not regularly exposed to harsh weather, all-weather mats are the much more rugged choice. All-weather mats are made to last and are a plastic barrier against the floor of your car.

Is vinyl or rubber floor mat better? ›

Vinyl does not have the same steadfast durability as rubber, and it may crack or curl if abused for prolonged periods of time. Vinyl is not as easily cleaned as rubber, however. Vinyl mats may be cleaned by water hose or vacuum, but they cannot be laundered or pressure washed.

Should I put floor mats in my car? ›

Putting in floor mats will protect your car's carpet, lead to fewer detailings, and keep your car's resale value high over time as it keeps the interior cleaner and in better condition. They're an easy way to customize your car.


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